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A total approach to your health and wellness

Medicare Advantage plans for the whole you

Medicare Advantage plans for the whole you

Our Medicare Advantage plans cover doctors and hospitalization in one simple plan. And many also include:


  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental care
  • Eyewear
  • Hearing aids
  • Fitness membership
  • Allowance for over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • Telehealth coverage
  • Meals after an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay

Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits:


Fitness benefits


Find resources in your community


Healthy Home Visit Program
Get an extra layer of care from the comfort of your home.

Medicare for your life journey

Medicare for your life journey

See how our Medicare Advantage plans keep you connected to the care you need to stay healthy. We’re here to help you continue doing what you love with the people who matter most.

I’ve received a lot of memorable birthday presents in my time. But the gifts I really value are my family and my health.


So, when I turned 65 and qualified for Medicare, I was happy to find out about all the ways Medicare Advantage could help keep me connected to the things that matter most.


That meant giving me a fitness club membership so I can do a virtual fitness class at home or hit the gym with my friends to keep my body and my relationships strong. Glasses so I can keep an eye on my grandchildren because they can be all over the place. And help paying for things such as my prescriptions and over-the-counter items such as vitamins and sunscreen. I can even get it all delivered right to my house. That means I can focus my time and energy on enjoying the activities I love.


I’m also connected to high quality care in my community, both in-person and through virtual visits. And with the latest digital tools I can keep track of my health records so I’m not always searching through stacks of paper.


With Aetna, having all my care connected means I can focus on the things that matter most and be there for the people I love.


To me, my Medicare Advantage plan is about more than just my health. It’s about my whole life. Because I have a lot more birthdays I need to celebrate.

Prescription drug plans that support your total health

Prescription drug plans that support your total health

Aetna understands the role that medications play in maintaining your health. That's why we offer three Medicare prescription drug plans (PDPs) to help meet your needs.

Understanding PDPs


Aetna Medicare PDP benefits:


A wide range of generic and brand drugs to fit your health needs. 


Plans where you pay no more than $10 for select insulins at preferred pharmacies.


Formularies* that include the most commonly prescribed medications


*Tip: A formulary shows the prescription drugs covered by a plan, the tier a drug is on, and any limits or requirements.

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