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At Aetna, we work hard to make it easier for you to take care of your health. We do this by offering health plan benefits you’ll be excited to use.

That’s why every Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan, or D-SNP, member gets additional benefits and services on top of typical health coverage. It starts with the new Extra Benefits Card, a Benefits Mastercard Prepaid Card.

The Extra Benefits Card isn’t a health plan membership card. It’s a debit card that comes pre-loaded with a quarterly allowance that automatically renews every three months. And you can use that money to pay for eligible products and services that help you stay healthy. So what can you pay for with your Extra Benefits quarterly allowance?

Groceries, for starters! With an Extra Benefits Card, you can purchase approved healthy foods. That includes fruits and veggies, meat and seafood, healthy grains like bread and pasta, pantry staples like flour and spices, and more.


The Extra Benefits Card works just like a regular debit card during checkout. It can be used in person at approved retail locations. Or you can shop for healthy foods online or over the phone.

Along with healthy foods, the Extra Benefits Card can be used to pay for other approved expenses, depending on the D-SNP offered where you live. You might be able to use it for:


  • Over-the-counter, or OTC, health and wellness products like pain relievers, cold and flu remedies and first-aid supplies.
  • Transportation to your doctor’s office or pharmacy.
  • Or utility and energy bills, like heat, water, electricity, phone and internet.

The Extra Benefits Card is just one way a D-SNP can help you reach your health goals. If your doctor puts you on prescription drugs, our plans help pay for that too.

With an Aetna D-SNP, you have prescription drug coverage. And your co-pay for covered prescriptions is $0 if you visit an in-network pharmacy.

What if you need new glasses? D-SNP members get an annual vision allowance for eyewear.


Have hearing loss? Aetna D-SNP members receive a yearly hearing allowance for hearing aids, which are available at a reduced cost.

The list goes on. And all these additional benefits and services are in addition to regular medical coverage. This includes annual checkups with a primary care provider, or PCP, as well as yearly visits for dental, vision and hearing exams.

If all these benefits feel like a lot to manage, don’t worry — Aetna makes that easy, too. Every Aetna D-SNP member has a personal care team that’s dedicated to helping them get the care they need.

Your care team can help you understand and use your D-SNP benefits and connect you with all the right resources and programs.

Ready to learn more about Aetna D-SNPs? Visit today. We look forward to helping you get the care you need.

Learn about new benefits

Some D-SNP plans include an Extra Benefits Card, a Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card with a quarterly allowance. You can use this on your choice of expenses that may include over-the-counter (OTC) health and wellness items, healthy foods, certain utilities, and gas or public transportation.


Watch this video to learn more.

Available in 30 states

Available in 30 states

If you have Medicare and Medicaid, and live in one of these states, you may qualify for a D-SNP:


Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia


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