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Using your over-the-counter (OTC) benefit

Over-the-counter (OTC) benefits help cover the cost of eligible OTC health and wellness products. This benefit is included in most Medicare Advantage plans, but not all. And different plans may have different OTC benefits.

What OTC items are available?

Your OTC benefit helps you save money on a wide range of over-the-counter health and wellness products. You can use your benefit amount to purchase products such as pain relief, first aid, cold and allergy medicine, dental care items and more.


Check your OTC catalog for the list of items covered by your benefit.

How do I use my OTC benefit?

  • Your OTC benefit amount will be made available to you on the first day of each quarter: on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

  • Any unused benefit amount will not carry over to the next quarter.

  • Your OTC catalog has a list of eligible items.

  • It also has FAQs and directions to help you order online, by phone, at a retail store and more.

Review your OTC benefit details

Select your state and county to find your plan. Once you do, we’ll show you details about your OTC benefit, and how to shop for eligible items.


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