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Health Tools

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase

The Healthwise Knowledgebase offers online tools and resources to help you live healthier and manage your conditions. You can:


  • Enjoy health and fitness tools
  • Learn about different conditions
  • Use health decision tools to  guide you through key health decisions
  • Use the Symptom Checker
  • Check drug interactions, side effects and significant risks
  • See if a generic option is available for a brand-name drug you are taking


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Aetna Lifestyle Coaching Program

Aetna Lifestyle Coaching Program

If you get coverage from an employer or plan sponsor, this program may be available to you. The program, offered through Healthyroads™, provides ongoing support and coaching to make positive changes in your health. Members may receive a weekly coaching session for stress management, nutrition, tobacco cessation and exercise, and have access to online tools, educational resources, and Milestone Kits.


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Or call 1-800-650-2747 (TTY: 711) Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 7 PM PST, Saturday, 7 AM to 4 PM PST.


This material is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Health information programs provide general health information and are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a physician or other health care professional. Contact a health care professional with any questions or concerns about specific health care needs.

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