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Medicare road map: Which Medicare plan will save you the most money? It’s not always what you think

Christina Joseph By Christina Joseph

Meet Bill.He’s a 66-year-old sales manager. He and his wife live in Chicago. Bill is getting ready to retire and needs to choose a Medicare plan. He’s been nursing bad knees and bone spurs in his feet for several years and is considering finally getting treatment. He also takes daily medication to regulate his blood pressure. He generally takes care of his health, but he has a spotty record for seeing a dentist, an oversight his wife has warned him about.

Bill is looking for the best plan for his expected health needs. He wants fixed monthly costs he can afford. He also has an eye on the future and hopes to limit his annual out-of-pocket costs. He has heard that plans with lower upfront costs could end up costing him more down the line, in terms of money and his health.

Before choosing a plan, it’s important to do your research. Aetna Medicare’s website and the Medicare Plan Finder are good places to start.

Let’s compare Bill’s health care costs over the next year between Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage PPO plan with a premium.

About the author

Christina Joseph Robinson is a veteran editor and writer from New Jersey who still loves to read the old-fashioned newspaper. She’s raising two fruit-and-veggie loving daughters to balance all the treats Grandma sends their way. Christina’s health goal is to resume her workout routine after being sidelined by injuries.


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