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Fraud & abuse

Protect yourself from scams & identity theft

Health care fraud affects all of us. It impacts the quality of health care. It also results in higher costs. Reducing Medicare fraud helps ensure that younger generations, like your grandchildren, will have Medicare when they need it.

What can you do?

Know what to look for. It can help you protect your identity and benefits. Beware of:


  • Calls or door-to-door visits to talk about health care items or services

  • People who offer money or gifts for health care services 

  • Bills for services or equipment you didn’t get, want or request

  • Shipments of medications, creams, or supplies you didn’t order or don't want 

  • Someone using your Medicare card to get medical care, supplies or equipment

  • People offering you free gifts or services in exchange for your Medicare ID number or health plan ID number 

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