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Find a Doctor or Other Provider

The Aetna Medicare PPO we've designed for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) lets you:

  • Use doctors and hospitals in or out of the Aetna Medicare network
  • Pay the same cost share in or out of network
  • Get the same level of benefits for in or out of network

While you are not required to use Aetna network doctors, you may want to see if they are in the Aetna Network. Check below to see if your doctors and hospitals are in our network.

Review easy steps to  find your provider

Not yet a member?

Find doctors & other providers

Use the link above to search for providers covered under your medical plan.

Types of providers in our network

You’ll find more than 25 types of health care providers in our online directories. Our network includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, urgent care centers, drug and alcohol counselors, hospice providers, diabetic supply providers, dialysis centers and physical therapists.


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