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Health & wellness series

We want to help you reach your health goals by providing information, resources, and the support you need.

Learn today for a healthier tomorrow


Join a monthly 1199SEIU chapter meeting to get the latest health and wellness information and learn how you can get the most out of your plan. We’ll cover a new topic every other month, so don’t forget to check back!


2022 topics

February – March

Make mental health an important part of your overall wellness. Learn about common mental health issues and how we can support you through our new MDLIVE virtual health program at no extra cost to you.

April – May

Good nutrition can help you reach your best health. Learn what nutrients are important, which foods you can find them in and simple swaps for a healthier diet.

June – July

Make your summer a healthy one. Learn how to stay safe outdoors, sun care, UV protection, summer safety, dehydration, and traveling safely while remaining active.

August – September

Understanding your medicines is key. Learn why it’s important to take your medicines as prescribed, what to do if you experience side effects and how to manage multiple medicines.

October – November

Learn how to manage diabetes with, a healthy diet, lifestyle changes and helpful resources available to you.

2021 topics

February topic

General wellness — Preventative care w/PCP/Sleep/Screenings/ Importance of sleep to the body and what impacts a good night’s sleep.

March topic

Cardiac Health/Dental Hygiene — Preventative care/ Dental hygiene and it’s affect heart/ Selecting a primary Dentist.

April topic

Healthy Vision/ Arthritis/pain - Your body as you age/ the importance of eye care/vision benefit.

May topic

Mental Health/ Socialization: Staying connected through technology/ Coping strategies for your health.

June topic

Men's Health / Focus on men health issues/ good nutrition/ preventive care screening/ staying active.

July topic

Health & Wellness Outdoors - UV Safety, importance of hydration, recognizing heat stroke, and wearing appropriate clothing while remaining active.

August topic

Fall Prevention strategies/ balance problems/ Healthy Home Visits can help assist with safety evaluation in the homes.

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