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Wellness presentations

Educational webinars to help you reach your health goals.

Learn today for a healthier tomorrow


Join us for our monthly webinars to get the latest health and wellness information and learn how you can get the most out of your plan. We’ll cover a new topic each month, so don’t forget to check back!

February topic

General wellness — Preventative care w/PCP/Sleep/Screenings/ Importance of sleep to the body and what impacts a good night’s sleep.

March topic

Cardiac Health/Dental Hygiene — Preventative care/ Dental hygiene and it’s affect heart/ Selecting a primary Dentist.

April topic

Healthy Vision/ Arthritis/pain - Your body as you age/ the importance of  eye care/vision benefit.

May topic

Mental Health/ Socialization: Staying connected through technology/ Coping strategies for your health.

June topic

Men's Health / Focus on men health issues/ good nutrition/ preventive care screening/ staying active.

July topic

Health & Wellness Outdoors - UV Safety, importance of hydration, recognizing heat stroke, and wearing appropriate clothing while remaining active.

August topic

Fall Prevention strategies/ balance problems/ Healthy Home Visits can help assist with safety evaluation in the homes.

Wellness presentation flyers

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