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Annual enrollment is September 7 through November 30, 2021.


To learn more about the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, review our "Find out more brochure."

To enroll, call Retiree Health Care Connect at 1-866-637-7555 ${tty}, ${retireeHealthHours}.





General status Trust members — featuring plan enhancements for 2022!


 Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO) (PDF)


 Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO) with Extended Service Area (ESA) (PDF)

COVID-19 information


Bring your red, white and blue Original Medicare ID card with you to your COVID-19 vaccine appointments. 


Read COVID-19 news for information about vaccines, tests and more


Discover tips and resources for staying healthy and connected during the pandemic (PDF)

Connect to care

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans take a total, connected approach to your health. Our main goal is to help you live your healthiest life possible, body and mind. We’re here for you, if you need help understanding your care, your plan benefits, or if you ever have questions. 

Added benefits & wellness

Added benefits & wellness

Learn more about your plan’s benefits and how they can help you be the best possible you. And find information you need to help you get healthier and stay healthier, today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.

Trust members trust Aetna

Trust members trust Aetna

Hear from fellow UAW Trust members who share their retirement stories and why they chose Aetna to help them live their best lives.  


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Discover your plan

Discover your plan

Learn about the benefits of Aetna Medicare Advantage, including the plan enhancements for 2022, extras you get and how you’ll likely be able to keep the doctors you already see.

Once you’re enrolled, here’s what’s next

Once you’re enrolled, here’s what’s next

When you enroll in an Aetna® Medicare Plan, here's what you can expect. We'll mail you:  


  • A letter saying you’re a member of our plan
  • Your Aetna member ID card
  • A new member Journey Handbook with helpful tools, cost-saving resources and important tips
  • A complete description of your coverage (see your Evidence of Coverage)


You won’t lose the amount you already paid during the current plan year toward your annual in-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximum from your previous plan.


We’ll apply it to the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan after your switch. This means what you paid this year on in-network medical services is put toward your annual out-of-pocket expenses for the Aetna plan.