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Meet Gerry

Meet Gerry

Gerry shares part of his retirement story and how his Aetna Medicare Advantage plan fits into his life.

Gerald O’Hare 

Aetna Medicare Advantage member 


“My name is Gerry O’Hare and I live in West Deptford, New Jersey. I grew up in this area I know this area very well. I’m a Vietnam veteran. I went to college on the GI bill and I became a teacher. I taught elementary grades and in the middle school grades, in different school districts in the state of New Jersey.


When I retired, they gave me a choice of what health care company I would use, and they gave me a chart. And it was a really interesting chart, because on one side, it had the names of the companies, and as you look towards the right it was the different areas of healthcare that that company covered. Well, Aetna had all the sections covered and I’ve been happy with Aetna ever since.


I have a hearing loss from the war, and I wear hearing aids. If I’m on the telephone I may miss half of what’s being told to me. When the nurse called me, she told me that Aetna has this Healthy Home Visit Program and that they would like to come to my house, and talk to me, check my medication. I’d much rather have someone come to my house - this way I can hear everything, I can express myself.


We talked about losing weight which is always a problem for me because I like to eat and I’m diabetic. So, she says well you’re what they call insulin resistant and I really didn’t know about the different types of foods that I should eat or should not eat. They taught me how to read the labels it was a real learning experience for me. And I did lose 50 pounds - clothes are a little big now and I’m very pleased with the Healthy Home visits.


I was recommended to walk by the Aetna nurse, but because I had diabetes, I have to take care of my feet. So, I go to a podiatrist, they told me in the office well if you have diabetes then your insurance company will help you get shoes. Because if I go barefoot around the house, I could step on something and not realize it and get an infection. So, I applied for these boots that I like, and Aetna did help me with that.


Part of staying healthy is having a good social life and meeting different people. I find that that type of activity keeps me sharp, it keeps me alert. I have four children and I have three grandchildren. I want to spend as much time with my grandchildren as I can. I want them to remember me as a healthy person. Aetna has helped me with that, and I’m really happy about that.”

Hear from Bob

Bob Cebrick 
Aetna Medicare Advantage Member


“My name is Robert Cebrik. I was born in a town called Irvington. Went to college in New Brunswick at Rutgers. I got my bachelors and master’s in environmental science. I was hired by the state of New Jersey as an environmental specialist for over forty-two years. And ten years ago, I moved to Doylestown, Pennsylvania.


And since Mark lived here, I sold my house and moved in with him. For the last probably twenty years of my working career there, I had Aetna as my main provider. When I moved into retirement, I worked with human resources to evaluate a number of options for my health care. They provided me with a listing of the options. I went online and I evaluated them. The best program that worked for me was the Aetna Medicare Advantage program. The copays were very reasonable, also, whether you went out of network, and also checked the doctors that I was going to at that time and they were all covered. So that was a key reason why I chose Aetna.


I love old houses and I love redoing them. Over the years, we’ve redone a number of houses, but I wanted to do other things, even though I enjoyed that tremendously. I felt that I either wanted to travel. I started looking into ancestry at that time. I moved into different areas of volunteering. So, I volunteered for a period of time and still do to this day with the Doylestown historical society.


The Aetna Healthy Home Visit, which I get on a yearly basis, will come out, take your blood pressure, do your weight, and do some balance activities, look over your medications, talk about your lifestyle, what you eat, and then make recommendations. The key one that I found most useful was getting a blood pressure monitor.


Shortly after I retired, my shoulders were constantly giving me problems, so I had rotator cuff surgery. Through Aetna, I was able to get physical therapy. My physical therapy lasted four to five months. It was very useful and throughout this whole period, there was no problems with regard to coverage, copays. It was a very easy process. I just got it diagnosed. Showed up at the hospital. They did the surgery. Got my appointments for the physical therapy. And the process all went very smoothly, and I was well covered.


Over the past year I’ve worked on organizing a trip to Europe and one of the benefits of traveling is knowing that I have the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.


My father died in his fifties so it’s important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that you can enjoy life, be with friends, relatives, through a number of years, I hope."


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Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plan with Extended Service Area (ESA)

  • Nationwide coverage with providers who accept the plan and are eligible for Medicare payment
  • Emergency and urgent care visits covered during international travel


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Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

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Hear from Bob

Find out why Bob and more than 190,000 State of New Jersey members chose Aetna Medicare Advantage.