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Aetna wellness programs

Get rewarded for taking care of your health. Learn about the different wellness programs offered for School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) and State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) plan members.

SEHBP Retiree Healthy Rewards Program

SEHBP Retiree Healthy Rewards Program

SEHBP — School Employees' Health Benefits Program


Your 2024 Healthy Rewards guide

Check out the Healthy Rewards guide to find out details about rewards, including their requirements and how to complete them, plus your gift card options and more. It even includes an activity that’s eligible for a $25 reward! The guide is your source for everything you need to know about the Healthy Rewards program.


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How to participate:

You can also review the 2024 Healthy Rewards program guide for more details.


1. Complete your healthy activities — between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. You may complete as many or as few eligible activities as you’d like.

2. Let us know when you complete them — either online or by phone. We’ll need just a few details, such as the date of the visit and the provider or facility name.

3. Choose a gift card from select merchants. It’s that simple. Just be sure to claim your reward by December 31, 2024.


There are two ways to report your activities and choose a gift card.

Note: Please have your member ID card ready


1. Log in at

2. Call us at 1-866-816-3662 (TTY: 711) ${memberhours}.


Eligible activities and reward amounts

Earn $100 maximum


  • Annual Healthy Home Visit: $50 reward 
  • Health Risk Assessment: $25 reward 
  • Annual wellness visit: $50 reward 
  • Eligible vaccine: $25 reward

Earn $100 maximum

  • Vision: $25 reward
  • Hearing: $25 reward
  • Breast cancer screening: $50 reward
  • Colorectal screening: $50 reward
  • Biometric screening: $50 reward
  • Depression screening: $50 reward  
  • Diabetic A1C test (1/1/2024–6/30/2024) $25 reward
  • Diabetic A1C test (7/1/2024–12/31/2024) $25 reward
  • Diabetic eye exam: $25 reward
  • Diabetic kidney screening $25 reward

Earn $50 maximum

  • Physical activity: $25 reward
  • Educational activity: $25 reward
  • Lifestyle Coaching: $25 reward

SHBP — State Retiree Wellness Program

SHBP — State Retiree Wellness Program

Find out more about the wellness benefits you may be eligible for:


SHBP Wellness Program

See Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Plan features and availability may vary by service area.


Medicare rules don’t allow earned rewards to be used for Medicare-covered goods or services, including medical or prescription drug out-of-pocket costs. Earned rewards may not be used to pay for medical copays, prescription costs, or any other Medicare covered good or services. Earned rewards may also not be used on alcohol, tobacco or firearms or be converted to cash.


Rewards earned may be considered taxable income. Please consult your tax adviser if you have any questions regarding the taxability of rewards.


The 2023 Aetna Healthy Rewards program is only applicable to certain MA and/or MAPD plans. Qualifying participants who are eligible to perform the program activities may earn rewards by completing all or some of the program activities. Rewards will be distributed to participants in the form of a gift card. Rewards for 2023 cannot be earned after 12/31/2023, which is the expiration date of the program. Participants should check the terms of their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) prior to participating in any program activities. Except as set forth in the EOC, Aetna shall not be responsible for any costs associated with, or arising from, a participant’s performance of program activities. Your participation in the Your Healthy Rewards program is voluntary and does not affect your benefits from your Aetna health plan. Eligibility is limited to the Aetna member that this communication was addressed to. Subject to benefits and eligibility verification.