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Ready for Medicare?

You’ve worked hard all your life, so we want to make sure you enjoy retirement. That’s why we’re giving you helpful information to help you understand Medicare and get the most from your health care plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Understanding Medicare and what it covers

Understanding Medicare and what it covers

Medicare is the federal insurance program for people age 65 or older and for some people with certain illnesses or disabilities.


Did you know Medicare is made up of four parts? Each one covers various types of care and services. Learn more about the ABCs of Medicare


You can apply for Medicare online at, or enroll at your local Social Security office.


The ${company} recommends enrolling in Medicare as early as possible to avoid a delay in the start of your Medicare coverage, which could result in out-of-pocket expenses.

Enrolling in Medicare

Enrolling in Medicare

For most people, the Medicare enrollment period opens three months before they turn 65 and ends three months after their birthday. For example, if your 65th birthday falls in May, you can join Medicare between February and August of that year.  


Depending on your situation, you may be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).


Visit for more detailed enrollment information.

Getting to know the Medicare Advantage plan

Getting to know the Medicare Advantage plan

You deserve a health plan that helps you make the most of retirement. That’s why the ${company} and Aetna have teamed up to design a health plan just for you.


With Aetna Medicare Advantage, you get:


  • Predictable, lower costs than your current plan and a yearly limit on out-of-pocket expenses
  • Original Medicare Parts A and B coverage — so you’ll continue to pay your Part B premium
  • Services to complement your doctors’ care — at no extra cost to you
  • Continued access to your doctors — use any provider who accepts Medicare and agrees to accept the Aetna plan before treating you

Schedule a one-on-one call with an Aetna representative


Get the answers to your questions about the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. Just choose a date and time that you’re available and we’ll give you a call. These phone calls can cover topics such as:


  • What is Medicare?
  • What is the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • What additional programs and resources are available?

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