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Take control of your health

We want you to look and feel your best. That's why we offer a variety of care management services with our medical plans.

Case management services

Case management services

Case management programs are for people who need extra assistance and support. Our services help you adopt and stick with proven treatments.


If you qualify, we’ll assign you a case manager. This person will work with you and your physicians to support your care plan (available for certain medical conditions). Some of the case management programs include:


  • Readmission Avoidance Program – We can help you avoid another hospital stay.

  • Compassionate Care Program – We’ll provide an extra layer of support during end-of-life care that honors your dignity, needs and choices. Learn more about our program.

  • Complex Case Management – We can help those with multiple medical conditions.

Healthy Aging Support Program

Healthy Aging Support Program

  • A total health perspective – We see our retirees as people, not conditions. This holistic approach helps us deliver a helpful combination of information and support..

  • Personal attention – Eligible members can receive individual coaching sessions with a registered nurse or participate in group coaching.

Transplant services and support

Transplant services and support

Our National Medical Excellence Program® supports members who require a solid organ or stem cell transplant. We’ll provide you with a dedicated case manager who can help you with all of your health care needs, from the time you’re approved for a transplant through post-transplant care. 

Member Health Story

Member Health Story

This personalized communication is designed to engage members to take action on improving their overall health and to partner with their doctor to get needed care. 


Here’s what you’ll find inside to get you on your way: 

  • How to work with your doctor to make a plan designed for you 

  • A list of preventative services you have completed this year

  • What care you may need to keep you healthy 

  • What care you may need to manage current health concerns 

  • How to get the most from your medicine


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