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Marshall’s story

Marshall’s story

Hear from Marshall about his quest to find the confidence to keep fighting despite a series of health setbacks.

Marshall: To walk up the stairs when I first got home, it seemed like it was walking up mount Everest. Would I ever make it up there? I have been living with diabetes for years. I had triple bypass surgery in 2014, and 2016 I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I lost a lot of my confidence at that time because I would look in the mirror and he just seemed like a half the man that I used to be. And I didn’t have anybody that I really felt comfortable talking to. I pretty much depend on myself a lot. Nicole is my nurse through Aetna.  


Nicole and Marshall [simultaneously]: Hey!  


Marshall: She changed my life because she helped me to find someone that I could open up to. Instead of being all by myself. She was like my little special guardian angel there for me. She helped me to explain things to me, my medication, my healthcare, my eating habits. She helped me to feel more confidence in myself. My goal is to get healthy one step at a time. I’m gonna get up and do something about my life. Instead of doing something negative I can do something positive for my body and my mind. You see that older guy walking down the street with his head up high walking straight not humped over and like he’s about ready to fall out. I felt my strength coming back. I’m gonna make it. I’m strong. I will survive.