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Stay safe with a personal emergency response system

You are eligible to receive a medical alert system through LifeStation. This includes the monthly monitoring fee through LifeStation, at no extra cost to you. This medical alert system can help you call for help in an emergency, 24/7.

How does the medical alert system work?

The help button on the medical alert device connects you immediately to a care specialist at LifeStation. They assess the situation and contact emergency medical services and your emergency contact list, if necessary. There are different options to choose from with reliable technology that provides around-the-clock protection.


  • An in-home base station and waterproof pendant with a range of up to 500 feet. This is for seniors who spend most time around their home.
  • Mobile LTE devices with GPS that work anywhere in the U.S. They also work with Amazon Alexa devices to provide real-time user location for caregivers.
  • LifeStation’s fall detection is offered upon request.

How can I get a medical alert system?

Call LifeStation directly at 1-855-798-9948, Monday–Saturday, 8 AM–9 PM to sign up for a device. Or call the number on your Aetna® member ID card and we’ll connect you to a LifeStation representative.


Medical alert system through LifeStation. Call for help by a push of a button in an emergency, 24/7. Members have the option to select the fall detection as part of the package.  The system and monitoring is at no extra cost to the member.