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You can get a week of healthy, precooked meals delivered to your home after an inpatient hospital stay. These meals let you focus on recuperating while getting good nutrition. This benefit is part of your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan and is offered at no cost to you.

Get home-delivered meals after leaving the hospital

Get home-delivered meals after leaving the hospital

Aetna partners with a vendor called GA Foods to coordinate this benefit. Since 1973, GA Foods has been creating and delivering high-quality, nutritious meals to those in need. They provide meals in 40 states. 


How many meals can members have delivered?


14- two meals a day, for seven days.


What are the meal options? 


Each meal includes a chef-inspired entrée, such as pasta, stews and salads. They also feature fruit, vegetables and desserts. The menu is developed by registered dieticians, so all meals are low in sodium, fat, cholesterol and sugar, and high in vitamins and minerals. All meals are easily prepared, shelf-stable and frozen. 


Here’s how to use your meal benefit


 After you’re discharged from an inpatient hospital stay:


  • GA Foods will call you. On the call, they’ll tell you about your meal benefit and discuss delivery time frames 

  • You should start receiving your meals within 48 hours

  •  FedEx or GA Foods will deliver your meals, depending on your location


Ready to get started?

To learn more about your meal benefit and scheduling options, call us at ${groupPhoneNumber} ${tty}, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM ET.