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This plan covers all that Original Medicare covers along with other programs not covered by Original Medicare. You will have a single health plan that gives you the same comprehensive benefits you had prior to becoming a SERS/Aetna Medicare Advantage member.


For benefit questions or learn more about the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan for SERS Retirees call Aetna Member Services at ${groupPhoneNumber} ${tty}, ${memberhours}.

Added benefits & wellness

Added benefits & wellness

Learn more about your plan’s benefits and how they can help you be the best possible you. And find information you need to help you get healthier and stay healthier, today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.

Healthy home visits

Healthy home visits

Nancy shares how healthy home visits with her Aetna Medicare Advantage plan fit into her life.

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Westfield, NJ

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Nancy Baton

Aetna Medicare Advantage Member



Hi, my name is Nancy Baton. I am a retired New Jersey high school principal and middle school principal. And I am truly enjoying my retirement.


I live with my husband here in Westfield, New Jersey and I’ve been married to Bill, it’ll be 38 years this summer.


We have two children, grown children, and I have five grandsons.


When it came time for me to enroll in Medicare, I wanted the one with the least amount of hassles and I had been told what a great health plan Aetna has. That’s why I chose Aetna and I’m very happy I did.


Every year Aetna offers the opportunity for a Healthy Home Visit.


The nice part about the HHV is that I don’t go anywhere. The nurse comes here to me. So I’m comfortable in my own environment, I don’t have to leave the house. And it’s just nice to have someone come to you for a change. It was a registered nurse, and she spent about an hour and a half, goes over my medications, checks my blood pressure and then said to me she thought I might have a problem with circulation. So, she did a test on me and my doctor called me and said you need to see a vascular surgeon and I’m under his care. Now I never would have caught something that could be potentially very dangerous had that nurse not come to my home.


Having the support of Aetna and not having to worry about bills or paperwork or is this covered, I didn’t have any of that. All I do now is concentrate on my recovery.


If you’re not healthy, you’re not going anywhere. So Aetna has helped me stay on track.


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This is a true member story and is not a paid endorsement.


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Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan


To learn more, contact Aetna® Member Services.

Call the phone number or visit the website shown in the information mailed to you.


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See Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Plan features and availability may vary by service area


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Once you’re enrolled, here’s what’s next

Once you’re enrolled, here’s what’s next

When you enroll in an Aetna® Medicare plan, here's what you can expect. We'll mail you:  


  • A letter saying you’re a member of our plan 

  • Your Aetna member ID card 

  • A new member Journey Handbook with helpful tools, cost-saving resources and important tips

Read your plan documents to learn more about your plan and how it works. The Evidence of Coverage will tell you exactly what's covered and your out-of-pocket costs.