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Find a pharmacy

Find a pharmacy that’s convenient to you

Find a pharmacy that’s convenient to you

Medicare prescription drug (Part D) plans have a network of pharmacies.  


You're usually required to use a pharmacy in your plan's network to fill your prescriptions.


Find a network pharmacy


Get your prescriptions mailed to you

If you take medications regularly, our home delivery pharmacy may be a convenient and safe option for you. Your formulary (drug list) tells you if a medication is available for home delivery.


Learn about your mail order option

Save money by using generics

Sometimes you can save money by asking your doctor to prescribe the generic version of a brand-name medicine. Generic versions of brand-name drugs:

  • Have the same active ingredients in the same amounts
  • Typically cost less
  • Are declared by the Food and Drug Administration to be just as safe and effective

When to request a refill

There are time guidelines for refilling your drugs.