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Benefits of having a primary care physician

First call for your health

There are many ways to achieve your best health. Having a primary care physician (PCP) is near the top of the list.

Choosing your PCP is more than picking a doctor. It means choosing a long-term ally and partner in managing your care and total wellness. It’s someone with whom you can develop a level of comfort and trust, who understands your health history and personal care needs.

When you need to see a specialist, your PCP can connect you with the right doctor. But equally important, your PCP can help you stay up to date on important health screenings and immunizations. They can also help manage and treat chronic conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, or to detect them and take preventive measures.

Coverage for PCP visits

With your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, preventive care is covered 100 percent. You pay a $20 copay for all other PCP office visits.

Don’t have a PCP? We can help you choose the right primary care physician for you. Just call us at 1-800-663-0885 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM ET. If you already have a PCP, give us a call to let us know. We’ll add them to your Aetna health record.

Knowing your options for care

Though seeing your PCP for care is ideal, it’s not always possible. Here’s a helpful breakdown of where you can go for care and how much it’ll cost.


When to use

How/where? Your cost
Informed Health® Line Talk to a registered nurse who can help answer your health questions.

Call the toll-free nurse line number on the back of your ID card – anytime, 24/7.

Urgent care center These centers offer treatment for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses such as allergies, coughing, upset stomach, sinus congestion, broken bones, sore throat, flu symptoms, pink eye, ear infections, cuts, bumps or sprains. Call us at 1-800-663-0885 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM ET. We can tell you where your nearest center is located. Then when you need one, you’ll know where to go. Pay the $25 copay at the time of service.
Emergency room (ER) ERs provide treatment for serious injuries or illness, such as*:
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Severe burns
  • Chest pain or suspected heart attack
  • Severe bleeding
  • Acute stomach
  • Pain
  • Poisoning
If you experience a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER immediately. Your copay for an ER visit, payable at the time of service, is $50. This is waived if you are admitted to the hospital.
Teladoc® Use Teladoc for treating non-emergency conditions such as allergies, sinus infection, rash, cold or flu.

Register first at or call
1-855-835-2362. Then call or log in to talk to a licensed doctor by web, phone or mobile app, anytime, 24/7.

Pay the regular $20 office visit copay at the time of service.

*This is only a partial list of serious injuries or illness that may require an ER visit. In the event of any medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER immediately.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Health information programs provide general health information and are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a physician or other health care professional. Contact a health care professional with any questions or concerns about specific health care needs. 


     Page last updated: March 3, 2021