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Transcript:  What counts as an asset? Infographic


What counts as an asset?


Medicare Savings Programs are only open to people who qualify based on income and asset requirements. So, what counts as an asset when it comes to qualifying?


Counts as an asset

  • Any money you have in the bank
  • Stocks you may own
  • Bonds you may hold
  • Any real estate you own that you don’t live in
  • Investments held through a financial institution, like a certificate of deposit (CD) or mutual fund


Doesn’t count as an asset

  • The house you live in
  • One vehicle like a car, motor home or motorcycle (additional vehicles count as assets)
  • Household items (for example, your television or computer)
  • Life insurance with a cash value of less than $1,500
  • Burial funds up to $1,500 per person





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