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Get an extra layer of care

Get an extra layer of care

You can take advantage of an in-person home visit — or an online virtual visit (telehealth) with the video and audio options that work best for you.


Our personalized service doesn’t replace your relationship with your primary care physician (PCP). Instead, this program helps us work with your PCP to manage your care and tell you about health programs and services you may need.


Bring home these benefits:

  • Private talks with a licensed clinician or health care professional
  • Tips for coronavirus (COVID-19) and home safety
  • Answers to your prescription and health care questions
  • Advice for more health resources and medical screenings
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Stay safe and comfortable at home

Life should be simpler in times like these. You may not always need to travel to get all the care that you need. So now more than ever, our in-home and online visits can be convenient, safe options for extra help managing your care.


Because your health is always our top priority, we take many steps to make sure you feel safe at home. Our licensed clinicians follow all CDC guidelines and safety measures including, but not limited to, social distancing with anyone else in the household and wearing face masks and gloves.

Positive member reviews

Over 95% of members we surveyed said they were satisfied with their visit.



How to schedule a visit

Reply to a letter or call:

If you’ve already been contacted about home visits or telehealth, please reply using the phone number we provided.

Or, be the first to reach out:

Feel free to call us with the phone number on your member ID card. Or, look up the number online:

Find my plan’s phone number